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Stash Bustin' Festival

Tuesday, August 4th to Saturday, August 8th Admission to all events is 100% free

You won't look at yarn in the same way again! Every day of the festival will be packed with live demos of tips, tricks and techniques. There will be loads of creative and imaginative projects and patterns that are guaranteed to turn the most sprawling stash into works of wonder!

Bring in your stash and get some expert consultation on colour and texture mixing, check out the ideas and learn from the ongoing demos. Make sure to keep your calendar open for the party on Wednesday night!

Schedule of events

Tuesday, August 4th

2-3 pm Make a Magic Ball!

A magic ball is a wonderful way to make a custom self striping yarn. Bring in some scraps and bits of a similar weight plus a sharp darning needle and we will show you how to best put them together.

4-6 pm Granny Squares and Stripes

This well loved crochet stitch is getting a lot of attention lately and it's an awesome stash buster. Easy to do and very modern in bright fresh colours or muted neutrals. We will show you how to put your colours together harmoniously and give some tips and tricks on piecing them into something wonderful. Bring a bag of similar weight stash yarn and the appropriate hook size.

Wednesday, August 5th

2-3 pm Make Super Chunky Chainette Yarn

Bring down a bag full of stash yarn and a couple of medium to large crochet hooks and in an evening, you will have a very trendy ball of super chunky yarn!

3-4 pm Stripes! Stripes! Stripes!

Bring a bag of stash yarn of similar weight in as many colours as you want with matching needles. We will show you how to make a lengthwise garter stripe scarf that has a built in way of dealing with ends! We will also show you how to use the Russian Splice to make stripes with no ends to sew in after.

5-9 pm Main Event - Stash Bustin' Swap Meet Party!

Bring down your stash and find out what marvelous potential is hidden within. Meet other stitchers and swap your goodies! There will be snacks, demos, free patterns and a gallery of stash bustin' projects to get you inspired. Any unswapped yarn will be gratefully accepted by the Warm Fuzzy Brigade for charity knitting.

Thursday, August 6th

2-3 pm Funky Fair Isle

Learn this easy colourwork technique and then play with some very fun OpArt pattern charts. Bring in stash yarn from light to medium weight and short circular or double point needles to match. The demo will include tips on planning your colours.

3-4 pm Mitred Squares

Make beautiful, no-sew patchwork! Bring in a stash of similar weight in different colours or textures, a corresponding needle and we will show you how easy it is!

4-8 pm Hide and Go Stitch

Feeling all inspired and itchin' for some stitchin'? Grab a seat at our friendly Hide and Go Stitch table and meet some new friends. We promise not to tell anyone where you are hiding!

Friday, August 7th

2-3 pm Feather and Fan Forever!

Here's another old school stitch that can turn a bag of scraps into a work of art. Bring in odds and ends of yarn up to a chunky weight and a 6mm needle. We will show you how to switch them up while working this simple 4 row pattern stitch. The rippling nature of the pattern is perfect for showcasing different colours and textures.

Saturday, August 8th

1-2 pm Crewel Embroidery

Proper crewel embroidery is done with special yarn on a linen background fabric and is very formal and elegant. Our funky, folk art version uses anything you have on hand on a rustic burlap background. We think it's more fun that way! We will demo the basic stitches and show you how to make a simple design. Medium weight, smooth yarn works the best, but anything that can be threaded onto a needle and pulled through fabric will work. Bring a variety of yarn and a sharp tapestry needle and we will figure it out from there.

2-6.pm Hide and Go Stitch

Try out new techniques and meet up with the other stitchers. The more the merrier

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